The Company

NewtonGen, LLC headquartered in Tampa, Florida, has developed a revolutionary 24-7-365 on-demand renewable electricity generation system. Powered by the proprietary NewtonTRQ Magnetic Torque Machine, it requires no sun, wind, water or fossil fuels. These state-of-the-art units produce electric power at an efficiency of 90% compared to solar and wind turbine that operate at less than 30%. Management believes the NewtonGen to be a game-changer for low voltage on-demand renewable energy and could make electric utilities, solar, wind, and gas electricity generation obsolete.


The NewtonGen can easily be installed in less than 14 square feet, operating uninterrupted for 365 days a year regardless of the weather and is more affordable than competing products Incorporating marine-grade corrosion protection and battery backup, the units are virtually maintenance free with an expected lifespan of 20 years.


The power outages from hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico have created an overwhelming demand for backup generators.  The Company expects to benefit from this demand as it begins a worldwide marketing program in 2019 featuring models of high-efficiency on-demand renewable electricity generation systems, 1.5kW thru 10kW.


The Company’s strategic plans will be directed by a management team with over 100 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing and an industry-leading engineering group.


The seemingly insatiable demand for renewable energy sources, coupled with sophisticated new cost-effective products is expected to allow the Company to secure a strong position in the electrical energy usage market.


Our Products

NewtonGen offers huge potential in smart city and assists individuals, industry, the military and utility companies in satisfying an ever-increasing energy demand while solar, wind turbine and, sometimes dangerous fuel generators, offer a less acceptable alternative. NewtonGen’s on-demand Renewable Electricity Generation Systems come in 3 supremely efficient solid-state models, 1.5kW, 5kW, and 10kW.


These smart city models offer environmentally-friendly zero carbon footprints, battery backup, inverter, and disconnect/auto transfer switches with Wi-Fi wireless controls. The systems fit in a 14sf area, whereas solar requires 1000sf. NewtonGen expects to dominate the renewable energy market and, it expects to release the NewtonGen 50 100 renewable unitized electric substation, which is the combination of 5 or more NewtonGen 10kW on-demand Renewable Electricity Generation units. Management feels this could potentially replace all electrical sources for housing, commercial and industrial facilities. 

NewtonTRQ, a Delaware LLC has a clean energy breakthrough a revolutionary magnetic torque machine that can operate 10kW alternator or turbine using only 5 amps of power and requires no fuels, sun, wind or water. The NewtonTRQ machine drives each of three new unique products that generate renewable electricity and satisfy needs within broad industries: energy, electric vehicle and agricultural. Management expects this sophisticated proprietary technology will be the future of renewable electricity and potentially replace electrical utilities, wind, and solar systems.


PROS: The only Machine that can supply torque without fuels motor or electric motor, Free Clean Energy, Licensing. 

NewtonTRQ - Magnetic Torque Machine v2
NewtonGen - Limitless Renewable Electricity

Management believes NewtonGen is “the greatest achievement for electricity since Edison”.

NewtonGen patent-pending game changer for low voltage renewable electricity generation system that will make electric utilities, Solar, and Wind Turbines obsolete, at a fraction of the price.


PROS: Accommodate all your electrical needs on or off the grid, requires no sun, wind, water, fossil fuels, Area needed to install, Pricing.

NewtonEV - Stop and Go Clean Energy

Electric Vehicle (EV) - The NewtonEV is a unit tailored for the charging station needs of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) providing 100% renewable electricity and seriously helping the grid. Since neighborhood grids are not built for huge spikes in power demands of the electric car, the utilities are searching for alternatives. NewtonEV we will have car & bike charged stations and charging kiosks with a storefront to sell goods or food, Think “franchises” Starbucks, McDonald's, Toyota, Ford, Chev...


PROS: Uses NewtonGen, by far the worlds most compact EV renewable electricity generation charging system. “Can fit in parking spot” and free clean energy, Pricing.  

NewtonGrow - Self Powering Conveyor Vertical Grow

The NewtonGrow 360® is a self-powering automated overhead conveyor vertical grow system that is energized by NewtonGen renewable electricity. It includes Firefly 4GS®, a system with remote sensors that allows programming to the specific conditions of the growing environment.


PROS: Uses NewtonGen, NO energy cost to grow, Fastest Growth, Longest Lifespan, 100% Automated Overhead conveyer giving the highest density per square feet and yield, 95% reflective inside and removable sides for easy access maintenance and cleaning, Optional shelving, seedling, and plant trays allow utilization at any stage of growing, Pricing.